Welcome to west London’s latest children’s comic.

The story…

LEROY: AKA Achike, is an 11-year-old school boy who dreams of becoming London’s next biggest rapper. There’s just one problem – his father! When an embarrassing first day of school unwittingly unleashes the return of his childhood spirit guide Sparky, all seems to be on the up. But has Sparky come to his rescue to help Leroy achieve his dreams or has he suddenly reappeared with a secret ulterior motive?

SPARKY: Ancient Spirit Guide, fierce friend and troublesome companion of Leroy.

Sent on a mission from another realm to help Leroy achieve success, or has he?

 Sparky gives Leroy that courage to fight for his dreams, but at what costs?

CONNOR: Best friend to Leroy and all-round class clown. Connor has an unhealthy obsession with video games, football and hair gel – in that order. He is Leroy’s go to guy and the person he relies on the most.

MIKEY: Quiet, cautious introvert and forever sceptical of anything new. He is always there to back Leroy’s schemes, despite the consequences.

SMALLEY: A kid with a big heart and an even bigger appetite. He thoroughly enjoys banter with his friends, but what he enjoys most is his dinner.

Mrs Amokachi: Fun loving, fair and encouraging of her son’s ambitions.

Mr Amockachi: Strict, traditional and generally disapproving of Leroy’s dream of being a rapper in favour of him being a doctor, teacher or scientist.     

Anna: Big sister and ultimate troublemaker, Anna is the bane of Leroy’s life.