About Author

Hi, welcome to the first issue of my Leroy London comic book series.

I love writing, but what I love most is seeing the expressions on children’s faces as they connect with the characters I create. As a Londoner and former teacher, I believe representation is important. The lack of diversity in comics is more than evident – hence me making my own! All children deserve to be seen and secure in the knowledge that their stories are valid. Just 1% of the books studied within schools today are written by a person of colour, despite 34% of children within the UK identifying as black, Asian or minority ethnic. In comparison, only 7% of books were written by a woman. It’s shocking! However, these disparities fuel my passion to keep creating diverse comics that can be celebrated and enjoyed by everyone.

Comics are great for sharing stories that otherwise would not get told. They improve cognitive skills, creative thinking and help motivate reluctant readers. So, during the pandemic I’ve been working with Google to build my own comic making platform for children – Comic Mania https://comicmania.co.uk/. Comic Mania supports growth by teaching the art of storytelling. You get to create your own authentic comic stories, with step-by-step tutorial videos and pre-designed characters to be dragged and dropped into different templates. Google provided me with an amazing mentor, digital specialists and funding; helping me to develop my first free OER (Open Education Resource) EdTech platform.

My goal is to help children dream bigger by starting with the basics – having their stories seen. Because at the end of the day,  every child deserves to be a superhero…