Short Film Coming Soon

In the summer of 2021, I worked with some amazing children from all over London, very generous industry professionals and fantastic teachers / parents to re-enact my Leroy London comic book. Together we transformed my children’s story into a live action / animation short film. VFX takes a long time, but we’re nearly done. I look forward to sharing the finished product and our journey with you soon.

In the meantime, I’d just like to say a huge thank you to the following individuals who generously donated their time, energy and resources to bring this comic book to life:

Belinda Goodin and Danny Doyle – Newman Catholic College in Harlesden: Belinda kindly arranged for their students to take part and organised all the parental authorisation forms to be signed, during the summer holidays. Danny, despite being a busy Head Teacher, came in during the holidays for a cameo role and allowed us to film within their school for free.

Matt Kasmir – VFX Supervisor: Matt’s films include the Netflix production Luther, Hellboy and The Midnight Sky (just to name a few as he has a long list). After our original director pulled out, Matt generously stepped in and co-directed the film, making this my directorial / producer debut. Matt patiently taught me how to get the best out of young actors, the crew and the art of directing for a VFX production. I will never forget him coming to my local youth club, to deliver a children’s comic book workshop with me in his free time.

Joel Wilson – Creative Director at Eleven Film: From script development, countless edits and being an amazing supporter of my vision. I’d not written a script before but with Joel’s mentoring and consistent encouragement, I’m now able to write countless episodes with real structure and stronger characters.

Kate Ryan, Pete Hodsman and Mike Chappers -VFX Specialists at The Mill Studio: Sparky is perfectly brought to life on screen due to the incredible amount of time and investment dedicated by this team. Not only did they generously donate the 45 frames of VFX pro bono, they also hosted a special VFX viewing day for the children to visit their soho studios and see exactly how it’s done.

Stephen Venning – Executive Producer at Untold Studios: Providing your expert guidance, unsurmountable support and direct access to the VFX team. For sharing many of the hidden gems within the industry and pointing me in the right direction every time.

Chris Poullay – VFX Match Lead at One Of Us: That key person who sees every VFX shot that is needed, is meticulous in tracking the VFX movements and makes everyone feel relaxed and secure in the knowledge that he has all the data.

Family / Friends / Children/ Parents: You are all amazing! From borrowing cars, homes and costume / set designs. I am truly grateful. This could not have happened without your support.